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This website is about our cattery "BRIFOLD" we are well known and established cattery in Scotland breeding Scottish Fold and British Shorthair cats. On our website you will see our cats and their kittens and you will also find the information about Scottish Fold cat breed. Our cats for many years till now have been winning international awards for the best Scottish Fold. We are hoping to restore that beautiful breed back in Scotland and UK as it has been nearly forgotten and many people do not know the breed which originates from here.

We are very proud of our Scottish Fold as we have been able to breed outstanding quality kittens carrying some famous catteries in their pedigrees.

The most important for us is that our cats are healthy and happy. We collected lots of information and have taken quite a few photos and placed them on the website. If you have info’s that you want to share with us then feel free to send it to us and we will try and incorporate it into the website.
We hope you will have a lot of fun looking at our kittens, cats and wish you happy browsing.







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